Instituted in 1999, Afrobarometer is a Pan-African, non-partisan survey research project that conducts public attitude surveys on democracy, governance, economic conditions, civil society and other topics in more than 30 countries across all regions in Africa. Afrobarometer surveys are conducted on a regular cycle in countries that are surveyed.

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Our Role

In addition to being the Ghana National Partner and serving as the Project Management Unit (PMU) of the project, CDD-Ghana is one of the Afrobarometer’s four Core Partners, with responsibility to oversee and support in-country surveys and dissemination of results in Anglophone West Africa plus Cape Verde and Sao Tome, and Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco.

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The Goal

Its goal is to give the public a voice in policymaking by providing high-quality public opinion data to policymakers, policy advocates, civil society organizations, academics, news media, donors and investors and everyday Africans.