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Developed as a by-product of the I AM AWARE Project, the District League Table (DLT) is a simple ranking tool, which measures the level of development in all 216 districts across Ghana. It ranks all the districts based on six key sectors – health, education, sanitation, water, security and governance. These indicators are aggregated into a single index, and districts are ranked from 1st down to 216th place in terms of level of development.

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The Goal

The objective of the DLT is to increase social accountability in Ghana for improved development. It does this by opening up space for dialogue between the state and citizens through the provision and tracking of essential information on well-being at the district level. It also seeks to help the government of Ghana to better understand the unique development needs of each district, monitor development across the country.

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Partner Organizations

The District League Table (DLT) is a joint CDD-Ghana and UNICEF Ghana project, implemented in collaboration with the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development and the Office of the Head of the Local Government Service.