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About the Lecture

The ‘Kronti ne Akwamu’ Lecture is CDD-Ghana’s flagship annual public lecture on democracy and governance. It is one of the Center’s initiatives which seeks to bridge the gap between ideas, research and analysis on one hand, and pro-democracy and good governance advocacy on the other.  It is thus, aimed at enriching the quality of public discourse on democratic and governance reforms.

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The Lectures feature prominent scholars and/or activists of local and international repute whose work focus on democracy building and fostering good governance. Speakers are invited to share knowledge and insights on these issues, in the hope of stimulating vibrant public debate.

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The ‘Kronti ne Akwamu’ Symbol

The ‘Kronti ne Akwamu’ is an Akan Adinkra symbol that best represents democracy, duality of the essence of life, and interdependence. The symbol encapsulates a system of decentralized political authority with different branches of government complementing and also checking each other. CDD-Ghana’s flagship lecture is named after this Adinkra symbol.